Tuesday, November 6

Air Force Widow, Part II

Sarge seems to be determined to try again to make me an Air Force Widow

He got his Christmas present from me a bit early this year.

Here he is reliving his High School Gym class in our garage. As an aside, I think it's kind of funny that we were recently discussing Gym Teachers, and the "Evil Rope" on one of my favorite daily reads.

And this time he's taking the kid down with him!
We definitely need to keep our garage door closed from now on. There is no threat that will keep the neighborhood kids out with this thing dangling from our rafters.

Do you suppose that I could be implicated?? You know, since I purchased the rope for him? I suppose that the worst thing that could happen would be that he breaks a bone, and then maybe he'll finally get a couple of days off from work.

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