Friday, November 16

Blog Play

Playing around a little with the layout, and considering a more personalized look.
For those with Blogger, How About Orange has a good tutorial on how to update/customize your template. I'm not quie there, all that coding talk makes me dizzy. I'm more of a click and stick kind of gal.

On other news, Piko has finally gotten over her Conjunctivitis, and is back at school. Just in time for the weekend, though she did learn 6 more sight words while she was stuck at home with me. YAY! I hate sight words.

PTA ladies are still nutty, I went to a PTA board meeting that lasted 4 hours!!! 4 FREAKING HOURS!!!! And they wonder why I won't sit on a committee. I would rather shoot myself.

Got to the gym today, and ow. Just ow, I can already feel that I'm going to hurt tomorrow. Ow.


JustaGirl said...

I know the feeling, I've taken almost a week off of the gym for my vacation, so I know i's going to be a hard day back when I start again! I was thinking of doing a mini workout today just so that it doesn't hurt so much!!!

MdG said...

Well you ahd an excuse, you were on vacation. I was just lazy. And I can't just ease back into it, I'm all BAM!!! Back on the waggon. Then ow!!

Lori said...

Yay about the improving conjunctivitis! I'm really dreading the whole school thing - I'm not a team player.

Week after next looks mostly clear - I should probably keep Wed. open in case I get put on weekly appts., but other days are probably fine. :)

she said: said...

Hey! I love the new look.

I meant to ask google what conjunctivitus was, but I got distracted. Glad Piko is feeling better.

Wimins love to talk a bunch. Don't they?

MdG said...

Lori: That should be good. As far as the getting sick, our doctor says at least 13 colds the first year. 13!!! AGH!!! Two down, 10 more to go!

Mrs. S:Conjunctivitis=Pink Eye. Gooey yellow gooky gook oozing out. Gaaaahuzzaghblagh!
"Crazy Beeyaches" Sarge calls them.