Tuesday, November 13

If That's Not A Sign...

Yesterday, I broke my computer chair.

Sat right down and the SOLID METAL bar that holds the chair onto the swivel snapped. SNAPPED I SAY!!!


My fracken chair just called me a fatass!

Update 8:40 am: The gym is conspiring against me. It's closed today for installation of new equipment! BAH! So I had to drag my unmotivated self home, and exercise in Sarge's torture chamber cold garage gym. And now I want to bake brownies. Poo!


she said: said...

Doesn't that just spoil your momentum? Brownies will make you feel better. Until you have to work out tomorrow to make up for eating brownies.

Jacy said...

It wasn't you, it was the faulty chair. Don't beat up on yourself. You are gorgeous and a wondermom!

MdG said...

I'm still using the dang chair out of spite. It wonks at a weird angle, and I'm sure it's not good for my back. But damnit! It was a $250.00 chair.(Sarge picked it out).

And my work out pland are yet again foiled. This time by conjunctivitis of the 5-year old variety. Off to the doctor I go today. Yay.

Pageant Mom said...

ah, well, we have an exercise room in the basement that might as well be in Arizona. You are welcome to use it LOL

I've just rationalized and embraced my stressing out as exercise. I've made drama an art form AND an extra calorie burner.
Imagine THAT infomercial...

If it's any help, I lost 10 lbs when I finally just flat gave up on dieting.