Monday, November 19

The Sacrifice, and the Reward.

Here is the sacrifice.

That is 4 bags of toys and clothes that Piko and I cleaned out of her room to donate to the thrift store. 4 BAGS!!! This does not even count the one huge bag of things we threw away.

And here is the reward.

Now, I know, I know. We just cleaned out that room. Look at how nice it is!

The floor!!! I can see a sea of floor!!

And then we add a new toy.

Well, we went to Build-a-Bear because well, we NEVER go there. NEVER. My sister-in-law ruined us by taking Piko there when we were in Hawaii. She actually refused to tell me where they were going because she was afraid I would say no. I wouldn't have, it's just something that Sarge and I don't do. But as it turns out, surprise, surprise, Piko loved it, and loves her doll, Kiki.

So back to why we ended up going to B-a-B. One of Piko's favorite shows is Clean House. I don't know why. Anyway, while we were cleaning her room I kept talking like Niecy Nash. "Foolishness!!! unh!" "Get rid of the clutter!! uh-huh, that's what I'm talking about!" Anyway, it worked so well, that I decided (after talking with Sarge) that I would offer her a Clean House like reward. For those who don't watch, Niecy usually offers rewards as incentive for people to get rid of things. It's usually big ticket items like furniture or flooring. I didn't want to take her to Toys R' Us or anything like that with Christmas looming in the future. So I thought why not something that we would not normally do.

Now Kiki has a new friend named Tabbytha, as well as a clean house.

And all three of them like Mythbusters.


Tanya Espanya said...

Nicely done. And if what I sent down there EVER arrives, it will be added to the clean pile.

KreativeMix said...

great job!!

JustaGirl said...

Her room looks great! Don't you love it when you can make a chore fun for the kids? :) I've had some experience with that also (but only ery little experience, since I'm not mommy yet, just an Aunty)

Piko's new teddy Tabitha looks very cheerful! :)

Pageant Mom said...

We're doing that tomorrow LOL

We have a house rule, one bag in - two bags out and trash counts. It has helped tremendously.

We did the Build a Bear thing today... Gizmo wanted to spend her prize money from last weekend, so she ended up buying a Clairice (their special character for christmas) with all the works. Nothing worse than being in that store when it's crowded and full of exasperated parents and doting Grandparents from out of town!!!

MdG said...

As much as I protest, I actually like the place. It's kind of fun. Very totally overpriced fun, but fun none the less.

I think the key is to go on a weekday.