Thursday, November 29

La, la, la!


I know, I know.

But this time we're not moving down the street, we're moving to Germany! SHA-ZAM!!

Ok, not until June of next year, but after 7 long years here, it's on the books.

Auf Wiedersehen Maryland!


she said: said...

Um... What???

Don't they transfer you to Germany before they transfer you somewhere else?

Who will I read?

Jacy said...

Deutschland! Toll!!

I can't wait to hear about your German adventures. I went on an exchange there for six months when I was 17 -- Germany is fun, it really is. They are nice people who like to eat and drink.

Was hat gepassiert mit das grun, liebchen?

MdG said...

My Dear Mrs. S, I'm sure I'll still write from Germany, Sarge is smarter than that to take away my internets. And since he has about 5 years left, I'm sure we won't be going anyplace too awful after.

Jacy, I hope that your strep, and bak side are feeling better. I'm very happy to be going to Germany. We are pretty familiar with the area, because when we lived in Belgium we were only about 2 hours away from the place we are going. We do know that there is a tasty Chinese restaurant in the town, so that's always a bonus.

And, Piko, living in Europe?! Totally awesome opportunity for her. And yay, small DoD school!!

Just YAY!!

dennis said...

Hey! Big news! Great opportunity for Sarge and the fam!

By the way, what part of Germany are you going to be in?

I have this little genealogy project going on and I need to go to Germany at some point for more info...


gifted typist said...

I've lurked here on and off before, but I'm coming out because I love Jacy and she loves you...
I also love German words like liebfraumilch, gemütlich, schadenfreude also the german word for dishwasher which I cannot recall right now. You will get to say these words soon. Lucky you.

she said: said...

"My Dear Mrs. S, I'm sure I'll still write from Germany, Sarge is smarter than that to take away my internets."

That is a huge relief! Because I would miss you. And - I'm selfish, and would miss your entertaining comments. You make me laugh all the time.

Do you move all your stuff? Or do you just start over?

Pageant Mom said...

Oh WOW!!!

MdG said...

Dennis: I e-mailed you the link to the Wiki on the place we are going to.

GT: And let's not forget, my favoritt. Ausfart on the roadsigns. Because I'm totally immature. I love me some Jacy too!

Mrs. S: We'll move most of our stuff. We'll get rid of our washer and dryer, and some of our small appliances like microwave etc. Small stuff we use daily, and convert to 220V ones. Military will provide us with large appliances to use while we'er there. I wish we could dump everything and start over, but that's not an option. Piko is happy though because she's going to get the Queen size bed that's currently our guest bed.


JustaGirl said...

Congrats!!! How exciting!!!