Sunday, December 2

Now The Hard Part

So now that the excitement of new orders (YAY GERMANY!) has worn off, we are left to consider the difficult-ness(?!?) of the impending move.

Sarge's orders have him reporting to the new base by early May. Well, Piko does not get out of school until early June. Does he go on ahead early and get settled, find a house, hook up the internets, etc, etc. I follow later after Piko gets out of school? That being so, I would have to be in charge of packing, cleaning, and clearing the house with the housing office, shipping the car, shipping myself, my child, a cat and a dog overseas. We have alot of things that we have to get rid of, washer and dryer, tons of small things that we've amassed throughout the years we've been here. And I don't really see the point of taking all of our 180 lamps, and other small electronics with us. Garage sale....meeehhh...Salvation Army...eeeeh....
How about do we pull the kid early from school???'s much school can she miss before having to repeat? It'll probably end up being the last month and a half. That's just not acceptable to me.


See, one of the disadvantages of not moving in so long is that I have never actually been involved in a military transfer move. I have no idea what I would have to do, and Sarge, well, he's not all that forthcoming with the information. Well, he would have not other choice but to be if he leaves me here to do it all by myself. I guess other families have done it before, so I'm sure I can too.

Then there's the whole going to visit the in-laws trip we have to make time for as well.

I guess what's really bothering me is that there are no decisions that can be made immediately. It all depends on something, which depends on something else, depending on who you ask, and when. And of course, since Sarge works nights, who knows when he'll be able to go in during regular business hours to finally talk to someone. In my own perfect world of deGallotopia I would have had all of these questions answered the minute we found out we were leaving Maryland. But of course, I fail to remember that I don't live in deGallotopia, I live in Militariantia.


Jacy said...

How about Sarge goes ahead first, but before he goes, you get almost everything done that needs to be done in terms of organization, getting rid of old stuff, etc.

Make a weekly goal every week of the new year, and just pick away at it.

If I lived closer I would come and help in return for you hemming my new curtains that I have yet to hang!!!!!

MdG said...

That is probably what we are going to do. As long as he can sift through his things and get rid of what he does not want/need, then it'll be no problem. And if he can take the dog with him when he leaves.
And there is always that silm hope that they will let him push his reporting date back a month. That would be even better. I'm hoping that since it is not a combat assignment he'll hav more wiggle room.

And WOMAN! Get thee to a WalMart and pick up some dang Stitch Witchery. Look you could even get it off of Amazon!

Lori said...

IF you need to go with him in the end, could you get in touch with the DOD school(s) on base and ask them how this might work? I imagine they're pretty familiar with the drill, and I'd guess that - especially at the kindergarten level - there's quite a bit of leeway in place for missing some of the end of the previous school year. They might have some materials or something for you to do with her prior to the school year - something like that?

I think bases overseas also have liason offices for families who are transitioning in/out of the country? You might contact the one where you're going with these kinds of questions - at least when I listened to Armed Forces Radio a lot (it was back in the day - the late 80s in Japan), there seemed to be a lot of tha kind of thing available to families. Don't know about now, though...

But, seriously, how exciting is it all?? :)

MdG said...

That's true!! SEE!! I have no idea how this whole moving thing works, especially with child in tow. But like I said, multiples of families do it all the time. I'm just a stress monkey.

I guess it's just a matter of figuring out the right person to talk to.

And it *IS* very exciting, we're all "EEEEEE!!! Germany!!"

she said: said...

I would probably go early. There isn't much in kindergarten that kids cant make up pretty quickly. Especially sharp kids like Piko. She might miss her friends though, and you have to weigh that. Plus, don't the Germans have some superior school system?

As someone who has had to do the whole move thing by myself sucks, and is much easier with your mate. Plus screw men! I don't know how they get out of this crap so often. If its a partnership, they should have to suffer too. (bitter mode off)

MdG said...

She does have friends, and loves her teacher ("The best teacher in the WORLD!!"). It's more of a, I dont want her to miss out on the fun of the last bit of school, than I'm worried about her academically, thing.

And don't you worry, Sarge will suffer.

Rebecca said...

Wow, that is exciting! I'm jealous of how much fun it would be to pick up and live in another place like that. Well, fun after all the little details work out.
I would probably try to stay until school is out. Not that it would make all that much difference academically, but it might make her feel better to be able to finish out the year.