Monday, December 10


Today I got my first fundraising donation call in a very long time.

That in itself is not the annoying.

The caller first asked for "MR. deGallo". He's not here I say, can I take a message?
"Is this MRS. deGallo?" Yeeeesss......


Sure, I'm totally going to use my credit card to make a donation over the phone....Riiiiight. Ok, but even this is not the annoyance.

Throughout the rest of the call, the "operator" kept referring to me as "MISS. deGallo".

I kept wanting to ask him if he wanted me to get my daughter, who I'm sure would be most unwilling to part with the $4.00 in her wallet as she is saving up to go to hell on earth Build a Bear.

I do realize that it is not uncommon to no longer make the distinction between Mrs. and Miss., but COME ON!!!!

I guess I'm just a codgerty old fart.


she said: said...

I totally love reading your writing. It makes me laugh. I imagine you talk exactly like I do.

Oh here. Let me commiserate. "f-ing kinds these days!"

The Gifted Typist said...

What you do with these phone donation call centers - and that is what they are, call centers hired by charities - is start making a pitch to them for your personal charity. They aren't allowed be rude and hang up and have to listen and listen and listen.

I'm not being mean-spirited but if they think they can call you anytime with their pitch, why can you hit them with yours?