Friday, December 21

Her Royalness

Lady Piko deGallo.

Every month Sarge has to attend Airman Leadership School Graduation dinners for his Airman who are graduating. Some time ago he decided to take Piko along with him to these very boring semi-formal dinners. "That's crazy!" you might be thinking. A 5 year old at a very boring semi-formal dinner?!! It actually works out to a win, win, win situation for all of us. Sarge gets props for being a good father, as well as for having a well behaved child, AND most importantly has a great excuse for cutting out early. Piko gets to get dressed up all fancy, and have a special night out with daddy. And I get to have a night off, and eat a peanut butter sandwich for dinner, and take a 20 minute uninterrupted shower.

Everyone's happy, everyone wins.

Here she is with Sarge doing their "Prom Pose".

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she said: said...

Wow! That is just so sweet.

I can't even believe how much she is growing up in the year I've been reading your blog.