Tuesday, December 18

Get Your Bake On!

So the other day I mentioned that I didn't start baking yet. Well, today is "BAKE DAY!!"
I thought that Piko was in school for a full week, but it turns out that they are off on Friday. Whoops, gotta get those cookies done for the teachers and staff!

Now, there is a lady here who's husband used to work with Sarge. Every year she organizes a "cookie swap" with some of the other wives and girlfriends. Back in the day when I used to think I had to be nice I went to the crappycookie swap. I always made my Mom's "secret family recipe" Christmas Kisses, which are basically meringue cookies with mint extract, green food coloring, and mini chocolate chips. I think I have heard this called "divinity" or something like that. Well, they're easy to make, but they take a long time, and I would have to make something redonkulous like 10 dozen.

Anyway, I guess the point of this crappycookie swap is that you'll get lots of different kinds of cookies, and not have to bake a billion kinds yourself. Unfortunately, and you might be able to guess, most of the cookies were pretty crappy. I'm sorry, but if I wanted cookies made from frozen cookie dough I'd go and by some freaking frozen cookie dough!! I would always end up throwing away more than half of the cookies. Even Sarge would refuse to eat them. What the hell do I want with 10 dozen crappy ass cookies in exchange for my awesome yummy cookies?!?

So these days when she asks me if I want to come, I just flat out say no.

This year I made:
Chocolate Chip. Both semi sweet, and white chocolate chip. Here Doge deGallo gets in on some of the crumb action.

Mom's Christmas Kisses

Almond cookies

Sugary ginger cookies

And something new. Sweet Wafers! I really just wanted to try out my new snowflake cookie cutters. These actually turned out very yummy. Not really cookies at all. They're like puffed pastry, I could eat about 20 of them in one sitting.

I also decided to bribe make nice with the secretaries and office staff at Piko's school. I bet they get the short end of the stick there in the office, so I made them a pan of brownies. One half is regular, and the other is white chocolate drizzled with crushed candy cane sprinkles. Sarge gave those a thumbs down, but he's not much for mint chocolaty chip anything.

I love baking. But I have say that it's terribly difficult to bake when every time you turn around you see this:


she said: said...

I love that you labeled this bitchy, when it's anything but.

I also love how those snowflake cookies look. I might want to arrange a cookie recipe swap. If I happen to bake anything you find interesting of course. I better get my butt in gear and figure out what I'm doing.

MdG said...

Heeh. I only taged "Bitchy" because I was bitching about the cookie swap.

I will most happily swap cookies with you! Let me know what you want to do.

JustaGirl said...

Awe, Doge deGallo is adorable! I often wish I had a garburator like that! haha

PS... I agree, crappy cookies just suck! Stick to making and keeping your own homemade goodies :) That is, unless you find a suitable candidate to swap with! (PS... I can't bake! LOL)

Jacy said...

How funny is the hopeful expression on your doggie's face?

"Please can I have some???? Please can I have some???"

p.s. I made Martha Stewart's chewy ginger cookies yesterday and I CANNOT stop eating them. So delicious!