Monday, December 17

EVERY time!!!

I think sometime in late October I mentioned I was getting started on Christmas. Weeeeellll, yeah, No.

It's been a heck-a-busy-crafty-rush-race-to-the-finish month.

"What?!?" you say.

Well, it all started out with some crafty mittens. 24 sets of crafty mitten ornaments decorations for Piko's kindergarten class. I really feel for kids these days. Budget cuts and pushing for high test scores means little or no art time in class, even at the Kindergarten level. I volunteered on morning to make these ornaments decorations with the class.
Prepping the mittens.

The finished product!! I was so proud of these children. They all were very excited to be creating something of their very own. Mrs. Potts (Piko's teacher) incorporated it into her lesson plan for the day. They talked about winter weather, and their letter of the day was "M".

The mittens displayed in class. Thank you Liesl for the pattern and inspiration for this project!!

Next came a birthday for Piko's best friend from Preschool. Guess what her favorite color is!
She got:
A sweet little kitty made with a pattern from Sew Pretty Homestyle.

A Sube Sac to carry her around in.

And a Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt in her favorite color. Can you guess what that color might be? Any clues??

And finally a Pinata!! I had a hard time making the wings myself, and then had a brain fart and realized that if I bought some cute wings the Birthday girl would have them to wear later! Bonus!! And then I was at Target, and the antenna headband was in the $1.00 section! Double bonus!
I love me some Pinatas!

And then another Disappearing Nine Patch quilt for my good friend AJ in Hawaii. This had to be done and ready to mail by the 15th!

I put the last stitch into it at 9:45 PM on the 14th. Whew! The backing of the quilt is a thrifted flannel duvet cover, how awesome are those cherries?!

Wow, I must say again that my camera is crap!

And this is why I can never have more babies (click on the picture to enlarge). Inevitably while quilting on the couch, the couch arm ends up looking like this, and will stay this way for days. Luckily Piko is old enough to know to stay away, though she will steal my thread scraps and make little bird nests with them. Our house is filled with poking, scratching, swallowing, burning hazards like that on a daily basis.

Add to all this fun, our first real snow of the year.

And a trip to see Santa, standing in line at the post office, PTA meetings, Sarge's staff Holiday party, non-Christmas Card sending guilt, and about 4 power outages at the house.

Fun times, and I have not even started baking yet.

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