Monday, November 12

Weekend Warriors



It was a totally unscheduled weekend. Sarge was off from work, no birthdays, no PTA, no dinner plans, no nothing, nada, zilch, zip, diddly.

We did actually get out to see a movie. And anyone that knows Piko de Gallo live and in person knows that we NEVER ever get to go to the movies. She hates movies in the movie theatre with a passion. We don't know if it is the dark, or the huge screen, the loud, we are not sure. We do know that she hates animated movies though. Sleeping Beauty, hates it, Malefecent scary. Little Mermaid, hates it, Ursula, scary. Monsters Inc., well, duh, monsters=scary!!! You get the picture. Set her down infront of some bloody chummed up water on Discovery Channel Shark Week and she's happy, but an animated baddy, not so much.

Sarge bribed her with promises of Sprite and popcorn.

We ended up going to see "Bee Movie". Meh, good soundtrack, but it's not a keeper. At least we got out of the house.

Piko of course hated it, even if there were not real "Bad Guys" in it. She spent much of the movie on Sarge's lap, inadvertently slapping the lady next to her in the shoulder with a half eaten chicken strip. But she refused to leave, we were willing to chuck out $45.00 we spent getting tickets and refreshments for the sake of Piko's mental health. But really she couldn't stop watching.

Next up "Enchanted" because, we watched the "Making Of" short on Disney Channel, and saw that the dragon at the end is not really real. Hmmmmm, we'll see about that one, I'm thinking the very first showing about 2 weeks after it opens in theaters.

My dream though, a Mythbusters or Dirty Jobs feature film.


Pageant Mom said...

My kids LOVE the Movie theater.

My niece however, is a different story. One sudden noise, and she would literally bolt for the emergency exit!!

Since it costs about $70 for our family to go (and that's with sharing snacks etc) we wait for pay per view, or I buy the dvd right when it comes out. Then we all flop down in our pjs, have fresh popcorn, unlimited sodas and swedish fish and enjoy!!!

But I will admit, sometimes it's just fun to get out and see a movie, I just hate the expense!

MdG said...

Yes, the expense is pretty crappy, but since the last movie that we saw in the theatre together as a family was March of the Penguins, I figure we're coming out ahead.
Family Movie night is something I'm, looking forward to in the next couple of years.
Strangely enough Sarge really likes animated movies, and watches them all late at night on his nights off.

she said: said...

Maybe she just doesn't like people who talk on their cell phones in the movie theater.

Lori said...

My brother took his then-3 year old to see Nemo a few years ago, and they had to leave because "the shark has big teeth." Could've seen that coming.

MM is terrified of the map on Dora, so we've got a pretty low threshold for what constitutes scary around here.