Thursday, October 4

Tuesday Two Days Later

I have desginated every Tuesday as my "Lock myself in the sewing room and get projects done" day. I seriously need to get working on Christmas presents, and I'm still thinking on a Robot Quilt for Mrs. Snarkolepsy. But this week was all about Piko. We have been butting heads alot lately, mostly about manners, and school work. I think that many of the problems are hangups on my end, but still, I want my dear girl to do well.

Anyhoo, the first thing out this week was matching Smocketts for her and her kitty "Kiki". Heck if I'm going to Build A Bear and spending $15 on a dress for a doll.

Here is Piko's action shot.

From the back.

And Kiki's action shot.

Then wouldn't you know it, the very next day a box arrives for her from Aunty Red, and Aunty Taki with two new outfits from Build-A-Bear. My home made frock has been tossed aside. Boo-hoo.

Next up, I though that Kiki deserved her own little quilt, and a small quilt is quick and easy. I also happened to have some very cute Amy Butler pre-cut squares that would go very nicely.

As if Piko does not have enough things on her bed as it is.

Man! I seriously need a better camera. Or I suppose, better camera skills.

Next Tuesday, I'm starting on Christmas.


she said: said...

Christmas? WAIT! What about Halloween? What is mini De Gallo going to be?

Jacy said...

That child could not be any more beautiful!

Tanya Espanya said...

I'm dying over here, I'm loving that girl of yours, she is so perfect!

JustaGirl said...

Grgeous sewing skills! I think she and her Kiki look wonderful!

MdG said...

Mrs. S.: She is going as a "Swan Princess", I'm snotting out feathers today since I was working on her mask and wings yesterday. Luckily that's pretty much all I have to do for her costume since she has her white flower girl dress from my brother's wedding.

Jacy, Tanya E. & FitGirl: Thanks! She's a nut when it comes to taking her picture. She does those fancy "poses" an won't look at the camera.