Wednesday, October 10

My new BFF

I'm in love.

I found this old Montgomery Ward sewing machine at the thrift store about a month ago. I bought it for less than $20.00, and figured what the heck, at that price it'll be a good backup machine. I figure for $20, plus about $60 for servicing and a new bobbin casing (which was the only thing missing) I can save some money, and put off buying the Janome I really wanted to get. And I even saved money still over the crap a$$ Brother I'm currently sewing on.

Well, I took it to my machine guy for a good cleaning and servicing, now it sews like buh-ddah! (Ha, I originally typed "buddah" but you would be all "I dodn't know that Sidharta Gautama was a sewer"). Originally when I first got it, it was loud, and kind of jerky, sort of clack-a-clack-a-clack-a-clakc-a, it would miss stitches and the thread would break no matter what the tension was set at. I was actually kind of worried/upset about my lack of good find. But Sarge convinced me to take it to the repair place. Now it hums right along very nicely. Mike, my machine guy says that it should hold up very nicely against those tough new Air Force BDUs, and outlast any of the newer machines I could possible buy.

Still not a fan of a front loading bobbin, I do wish it was a drop in.


Pageant Mom said...

I have an old Sunbeam blender that was actually a wedding gift to my parents over 40 years ago!!!

There's not been a new one that can touch it we've bought since...and I'm pretty convinced it's got the equivalent to a lawnmower engine in it!!!

They don't make 'em like they used too!!!

MdG said...

They used to put real motors in appliances back in the day, and parts were made from metal not plastic. I wish things were made as well these days.

The honeymoon is over though with poor "Monty", something is screwy with the Hand wheel/drive belt thingige. Pissing me off.