Sunday, October 21

The Good, The Bad, and the Uuuuglaay.

What a week!

The Good:
More than half of the auctions I had up on E-bay sold successfully, and everyone but one person paid. Yay! Sarge was happy because with some of the money I made I bought him a climbing rope for his home gym. I guess he's going to relive those High school Gym class moments in our garage.

Halloween pinatas are coming along well, finally.

The Pumpkin just needs a nose (Piko made me that great summer teeth-some'r here, and some'r there-mouth), and the spider sack needs some dressing. But it looks like they are ready to stuff and hang. For once I'm ahead of schedule with a pinata. Usually the night before I'm gluing and desperately drying with my hairdryer.

An interesting project I was handed by Piko's school was completed in record time. Make two puppets to help raise awareness of the importance of attendance, was my brief. Huh. Well I found this pattern, which was awesome, and came up with these two.

How they will help raise awareness about attendance is beyond me, I guess they'll be using them in their morning announcements.

The Bad:
UGH, we were sick this week.

Piko registered a fever on Sunday, and slept for 14 hours, so she had to stay home from school. Lucky for her it was a short week with Thursday and Friday off due to teacher grading, and a conference. Her temperature got up to 103 on Tuesday night, fevers freaking freak me out. My sinuses have been acting up this week too, lucky me. So I took Mrs. S's advice and tried out the Musenex, and I'm never going back. That stuff dried me out. Thanks Mrs. S, I'm sorry I laughed at you and your upcoming trip. I'll never laugh at you again!!
Poor Piko, she was finally let out of the house on Saturday for her second to last soccer game of the season. She was so happy that she ran around the field like a maniac, and then coughed up a lung.
Luckily for both of us she is well enough to go to school on Monday.

Sarge managed to piss off one of our neighbors by not paying attention to what Dog deGallo was doing while outside. I guess she went over to their house while Sarge was mowing the lawn and bothered their dog. The guy was seriously pissed off, and I don't blame him, Dog is a big dog, their dog is very little. Nothing happened to the dog, but I bet it freaked the guy out. I feel bad because even though Sarge told him sorry at the time, I still think that he should go over and apologize now that the neighbor has probably calmed down. But Sarge being the jerk that he is won't do it. And what am I supposed to do, go over and say. "Hey, sorry that my husband is such an a$$hole."?

The Uuuglaay:
My first apple pie of the season.

Not only did I put to much cinnamon, the "pour" cap was open, not the "sprinkle",but the crust was too wet, AND I over baked it. GAH!! Lucky for me, Sarge does not have a very delicate palate.

My sewing room is a total and complete disaster!! It has still not recovered from a last minute birthday present project.

I guess that's what I'll be doing with the rest of my day.


she said: said...

"Thanks Mrs. S, I'm sorry I laughed at you and your upcoming trip. I'll never laugh at you again!!

What?! It makes me laugh when you laugh at me.

I'm glad I was able to offer some help. You've been so helpful to me. Besides.. I'll probably get that cold. I always get some kind of death when I fly. Glad Mini De G.. is doing better.

You know I would have freaked too. Expecially that sleeping a long time thing.

Love the Halloween pinatas. Very clever idea. I'm not sure I'm going to push anything out this year. I went as far as thinking about trying to make saffron into a candy corn.. but it hasn't gotten far.

Jacy said...

I wish I was married to you, even though I am straight. You are a dream woman!

JustaGirl said...

I love that you make pinatas for Halloween! I just love anything to do with candy :)

Good Luck cleaning the sewing room :)

MdG said...

You know, any excuse to make a pinata is a good one I think. I remember when I was in elementary school, my mom would make a snowman each year for my class Christmas party. I love Pinatas.
I think that alot of time they are not done anymore because it "promotes violence". Hit me hard enough and I'll give you candy!! Haha...whatever. But really I never make pinatas of "people" because even I think it's a bit weird to be beating on Dora The Explorer at your birthday party.

I have so many projects this week that it's all keeping me from being bitchy at people.

Pageant Mom said...

Love the pinatas!! I hope I get inspired by your creativity!

The only thing I am capable of is making a mess....

glad all are feeling better!