Sunday, October 28


Piko de Gallo won a prize in her school's costume parade lastnight!
Score one for home made costumes.
I am recovering from 4 hours at the face painting table.
That is all.


Jacy said...

How can she not have won?

I can't believe anyone else even came close. Picture please!!!

MdG said...

I unfortunately have NO PICTURES from the night. I sat down at the face painting station at 3:15 to do my first kid, and seriously did not get up again until 6:30!! They were cleaning up the fair around me. I only knew that she won because I was sitting by the door of the room they were having the contest in.
I'll be sure to get some pictures of her on Halloween.
Tonight when we were driving home from dinner she randomly says :"Mommy, I **LOOOOVE* my swan princess costume."

Tanya Espanya said...

Yeah, Piko 'won' and there are no pictures...sounds fishy...


JustaGirl said...

Hooray! I love all you crafty Moms! I bet all the kids left with works of art on their faces too! :)

Pageant Mom said...

Oh didn't see THAT coming LOL

Bad mommy sent Gizmo out as a Halloween fashion queen...

It worked, thankfully.

I am still so very jealous of your creative abilities!