Friday, October 12

This Week's WIP.

It's been a Hallo-weenie week at the de Gallo household.

I've managed to finish most of Piko's costume early this year! Let me tell you, gluing 300 feathers is much easier than sewing 200 sequins.
Here is her "Swan Princess" mask.

And her wings. I might have to do these over, because I think that they might be a bit too big. I'm thinking that I might go with little wingettes, or wing-nubbins instead. Plus I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind about how she is going to actually wear them. I've started on one of two pinatas I'm making for the neighborhood kids to kick off the night. I'm inviting them all down to our circle and giving them a whack. It's no life size rainbow zebra, but I think I'm going with a Jack O' Lantern, and maybe if I can pull it off a enormous spider egg sack, a la Martha(of course I can's find a link).
Inspired by MissMeander's Gold Horns Tutorial I'm making my own set of horns. Although I did not use the same kind of clay that she does. I used Crayola Model Magic for mine.
The only problem I had was that the Model Magic does not twist like a heavier material would, so it took alot of work, and many tries to get the twist in there nicely. Also, it is hard to get any kind of curved shape, or bend into the horns with this material, it sort of just droops, sags, and sticks to itself too much. So I would not recommend this material, other than for it's light weight properties, and lack of need for baking.

And in non-Halloween crafting projects, I'm finally starting on a quilt for my own bed. Modeled much after The Librarian's quilt, because I was jealous of how well that one turned out.


JustaGirl said...

You are sooo creative! I think your little Piko is going to look fabulous this Halloween! I was also lucky enough to have a crafty Mother so Halloween costumes were always very elaborate :) FUN!

she said: said...

Very - very cool costume. It freaked me out for a second because the style is very similar to some of the characters in the game I'm playing. I'll try to get a screen shot this weekend.

Jacy said...

My God! Have you ever thought of going into business? Is that a stupid question -- do you do this stuff professionally?

You could start up an online Halloween costume business -- I would have SO been there when my kids were younger and still did Halloween.

MdG said...

Thanks ladies.

FitGIrl: I think that I alway had home made costumes growing up too. It just proves what a wimp I am, because my mom worked, and there were two of us, yet we always had home made.

Mrs S.:I was always a fan of comic book art, and one of my favorite artists was Art Adams. He often embelished his "warriors" with feather headdresses like this:
I think that maybe it's still coming through.

Jacy: Hee. Well I'm terrible with deadlines, and my finishing work is not that great. So no, no professional work. I'm just terribly anti-store bought costumes. And since we only have the one child, I am perfectly happy to indulge her with faaabulous costumes that no body else has.

Pageant Mom said...

Oh can I call you for advice????

I would give my ring finger to be able to do that for Gizmo!!!!


fortunately, she's taking it easy on me, she wants to be Hannah Montana so all I'm out is an outfit she can wear later and a wig (whew!!)

MdG said...

Dear P.Mom, you can call me for advice anytime. This is the only time I can really have an excuse to make costumes. If you need some other costume advice, or just want ideas, check out these sites:;www

Or just e-mail me direct anytime from my profile.

Piko is starting to get into Hannah Montana now too, she has some older friends who watch it. I think it's an ok show, but she's a bit too boy crazy.