Sunday, July 1

What the?!!!

My house is my own again, the invasion is over.

M. Sarge's mom and grandmother came to visit us for 4 days, to be here for M. Sarge's promotion to Master Sergeant. His dad could not get off from work so he stayed home.

Due to the fact that I'm an asshole and should not be bashing my family on-line. No matter if they know about it or not, because even though they irritate me, I really do love them.
August 2007.


dennis said...

Is it wrong to laugh at this?
This is waaaay too funny!

Congrats on the promotion!!

and for having totally cute bangs!!

MdG said...

Ugh. I can laugh at it now, but at the time it was waaaay to much to handle.

They *are* totaly cute, right?

Glad you're back!

she said: said...

"They *are* totally cute, right?"
Oh yeah.. super cute.

The one thing I hate most about parents is the guilt thing. I mean, there's a bunch of other stuff, but I personally hate that one with a passion.

Thank goodness you survived! Now you can just lay around and scratch your balls.

Don't know why I like saying that.. but I do.

Jacy said...

My own mother is like that. Follows me around interfering and asking me a thousand inane questions about what I'm doing every moment of whatever it is I am doing -- tidying up, cooking, organizing the kids, etc.

It's why I don't have her over very often.

MdG said...

She Said: RE: Scratching your balls. Well, whenever I get hit in the crotchoital region I say "Ow my balls!". However let me assure you there are none there. I don't know why I say it.

Jacy: Yes, this is why we usually bit the bullet and make the 15 hour drive to see them. For some reason they are about 95% more relaxed and normal when they are on their home turf.

Stay tuned for more giggles with part II!!

Jacy said...

Can't they just open the fridge and help themselves to the contents; make themselves a sandwich, etc?


Love the bangs, by the way, and you are gorgeous!

MdG said...

Totally my point. On the day of M. Sarge's ceremony I was out of the house for about an hour. the perfect time to make some lunch. When *I* was not in the kitchen.