Thursday, July 5

Happy Birthday Piko de Gallo!!

Here are some pictures from Piko's Golf Birthday party.
It was not held on her actual birthday, but since the grandma's were here, we decided to have the party early.

The cake. Don't tell anyone, but the dog came right up to the cake and put her nose on the left corner. Oops. Extra frosting right there!
The bottom is a 10x10 square, and the ball is the Wilton soccer ball cake pan. I used a grass tip for the grass, and white chocolate melts for the dimples on the ball. If I had had the time or the inclination to do a test cake, I think that I would have gone with two ball cakes just to give that ball a little bit more lift out of the "grass"

Golf trophies for the participants.

Tee off.

Windmill house.

We have a winner! She wouldn't kiss the cup like Tiger Woods does.

This was a great party, and everyone had a good time. The grandmas were happy because I gave them jobs to do, M. Sarge was happy because he got to play golf with his daughter, Piko de G was happy because she got cake and presents. And I was happy because she was happy. That said, M. Sarge and I agreed that this is the last big party we will be having for her. It's just too much work, and Piko de G gets too many presents. There was a moment when M. Sarge almost flipped out at a crowd of 4 and 5 year olds because they would not back away from the cake. He had to use his "Big Voice" to get them to move back and form an orderly line. I asked him if he wanted me to schedule his vasectomy the next day.


she said: said...

I -so- totally knew I could be a bad influence on you. Look at that cake! Over achiever central.

See.. next year you will forget about the work, and only remember the smiles. And you will do the whole thing over again. Wanna bet?

I would.

MdG said...

Oh yeah, we always go overboard on the cake. It's because for the past 2 years the Librarian would come up from Richmond and make Piko the most amazing cakes for her birthdays. So she's cake-spoiled you see. I'm just carrying the torch for the Librarian.

Well, and us de Gallos love us some cake!

Jacy said...

Hilarious vasectomy line. Is that the hunky Sarge in those pictures? And where are the crazy grandmas?

MdG said...

That is the hunky M. Sarge in the background of some of those pictures. Hmmmm...I've been geting lax in my photo editing.

At this point in the festivities the grandmas were cleaning up already. They even missed the cake because they were too busy putting stuff away. Oh well.