Friday, July 13

So I was thinking the other day that the last movie that I actually saw in the theatre was "March of the Penguins", and this was with Piko (her first movie theatre movie). We don't even go to see the latest animated movies. I think that I have mentioned before that Piko is a freak and does not enjoy cartoons very much. Apparently any sort of "bad guy" in an animated movie is scary to her, and you know that there is always a "bad guy". We'll watch Shark Week on Discovery Channel no problem, but no cartoons! EVAH!!!

Anyhoo, though we don't go to the movies I'm always reading the movie/entertainment section in the newspaper. Just to torture myself I guess. I began noticing a weird trend in recent movie poster art. The actors look nothing like themselves. Maybe it's just the way the images transfer to the newsprint, I don't know.
Here is the first example of when I noticed it. "Meet the Fockers" poster.

Ben Stiller's face looks like it's made out of clay, and I know that Blythe Danner is much more beautiful than that. It looks like they all have way too much make up on, which could actually be the case. Strangely though, Babs and Dustin look pretty normal.
Then in the last week or so I noticed the phenomenon again with the "License to Wed" poster.

What's up with Mandy Moore's neck!?! And again Robin Williams...somewhat normal.
Are these just awful translations (Vectors?) by the graphic artists? And if you were the actor/actress wouldn't you be pretty upset by the most unflattering image of you plastered all over the place?

Something else that caught my eye once was this poster with Hilary Swank in "The Reaping"

Brought to mind this poster

Ok, maybe now that they are right next to each other they don't look all *that* similar. But still, kind of right?

LOVE this movie by the way. I have horrible taste, I know. Gotta love campy, awful, techno-apocolyptical, virus-runs-rampant, sci-fi horror movies. Especially if they feature Oded Fehr, and redheaded hotties like Stefan Hayes (yum!). And Mila Jovovich totally kicks butt!


Jacy said...

That Meet the Fokkers one is brutal. I hate the posters where it's obvious they couldn't get the stars to all pose together, so they photoshop them all together. The lighting is always off, their heads look to be the wrong size ... it's ridiculous. That Fokkers one is a prime example.

Lori said...

I'm a longtime lurker just popping in for a minute. I'm a big fan of end-of-the-world things, myself - it was one of the things my husband and I had in common when we met.

This is appropos of nothing, but I was wondering if you knew about the Obon festival that's being held tomorrow at Ekoji Temple just outside of Fairfax, VA? It's probably a bit of a haul for you all, but just in case you were interested - info is at

MdG said...

Jacy: Aaah! the Photoshop, I never thought about that. It makes a little more sense, but you would think that they could do a better job.

Lori: Thanks for that info on the Obon. I went and looked at the site and was bummed it was going to be in the evening, which is no good for us this weekend (Sarge is working nights). I don't know what I was thinking, I know it's always at night, so I should not have been surprised. Man, and then I did a dumb thing and looked at the food menu! Spam Musubi!! Somen salad!!! Darn! Darn ! Darn! At least there were no Andagi, or I would really have flipped out!

she said: said...

"I think that I have mentioned before that Piko is a freak and does not enjoy cartoons very much."

I didn't like cartoons growing up either. Then I went through a phase where I thought people on the news were watching me. Shut up.. I'm all better now.

Its lame to think about it..but I'm pretty sure it was because the news readers would turn to a different camera, but I wasn't old enough to understand that was what they were doing.

Anyway.. regarding the posters.

I think some of the problem has to do with people having plastic surgery on their faces. Then they photoshop on top of it. It just looks un-natural.

MdG said...

Well, when I was growing up we DIDN'T EVEN OWN A TV!!!

FREAKS!! I was raised by freaks!

Rebecca said...

I love campy, awful, techno-apocolyptical, virus-runs-rampant, sci-fi horror movies, too. And I never really realized just how horrible those movie posters looked. Until now....