Sunday, July 15

deGallo Photolog

Nothing exciting around the home this week, the weather has been nice so Piko and I have been at the pool alot.

But here are some of the semi-interesting pictures I took this week. I was going to type "photos" but that sounds like I think that they're art, and they sooooo are not.

The Damn Cat. She's not fat, but look at that pooch! It's hanging over the edge of my desk!!

The Damn Cat again. This is proof that she loves Sarge. She would never let anyone else sit with her like this. I have always told Sarge that he picked out the dog, and she was supposed to be his pet, but she loves me more. And now, I got a cat, and she's supposed to be mine, but she loves him. Darn animals! Making me crazy!

Ok, when I took this picture I thought it looked funny, as if Piko had a big butt. Then I loaded it onto my computer and looked at it in a larger format, and realized it just looks like Piko is sitting on a giant blue Va-jay-jay. Naughty pillows indeed!

And Sarge sent me this picture in an e-mail.



she said: said...

"it just looks like Piko is sitting on a giant blue Va-jay-jay."

If it was red - it would look like one of those baboons with the giant swollen butts! euuuuwww.

You know that cat is mocking you right?

MdG said...

Oh god! Baboon butt!

Yes, I know that the cat is mocking me. She is pissed because of the softclaws. Which by the way she has managed to get all but 4 off. That bitch.

Jacy said...

That is a cute kitty, and even though I can't see Piko's face, I can tell she's as adorable as always. Love the braids.

Rebecca said...

That kitty is sooo mocking you...hehe.