Friday, July 20

Dinos! Again.

So I bit the bullet and bought my Dinosaur tickets.

Holy freaking $100.00!!!

Ticketmaster really sticks it to you with those "convenience" fees. Kind of luckily Sarge has to work that weekend, so we only have to shell out for 2 tickets.

When I was a kid, I remember my mom taking me and my brother to see shows all the time. Ice Capades, Kapaza(Japanese children's theatre), Circus, musicals, the ballet, all kinds of things. I really have to remember to thank her for spending so much time and money on my cultural enrichment.

Piko seems pretty excited about the show. We watched the videos that are posted on the site. There's one about the "Making Of" the dinosaurs, so it was good for her to see that they are just extremely large and lifelike puppets. Or parade floats as she likes to call them. What age do kids begin to separate fantasy from reality? real vs. not real. We watch the Nigel Marvin "Walking With..." shows on Animal Planet and Discovery all the time, and that stuff looks real, and Nigel(an adult), and the other actors interact with them like they are real. I know that she knows that cartoons are not real, but what about CG stuff that really does looks like it actually exists?

Anyway, we'll see what it's all about soon enough. Well, not soon, the show is not until September 22!!


she said: said...

"What age do kids begin to separate fantasy from reality? "

Wait.. guys or girls?

So.. what you are saying is... there aren't any "real" dino's in this show? For a 100 bucks? Really? I thought they'd re-animated them from DNA by now.

Rebecca said...

I'm not sure I even separate fantasy from reality yet, and I'm...uh...well, like WAY old.
Haha. But congrats on the tickets.
I agree with 'she said', for that kind of cash, you would think some of those dino's would be REAL. It does sound like fun though.

MdG said...

I should really mention that it was $100 for the *BOTH* of us. I'm just a cheap-o and that seems expensive. I suppose I could have found $100.00 per tickets, but yeah....NO. I'm sure that there will be stuff to buy there that she will want, I'll try to stay away from that. Agh! Merchandise!