Sunday, July 15

de Gallo Dilemma

Holy Poo! The Dinosaurs are coming!!!

I am seriously torn about getting tickets to see this.

On one hand Piko loves dinosaurs, she got the Nigel Marvin "Prehistoric Park" and "Chased By Dinosaurs" DVD's for her birthday, and loves them.

On the other hand, how will she react to "real" dinosaurs?! I will be bummed and well, a bit cheesed off if she freaks out and we have to leave. The tickets are not that cheap.

I have no doubt she'll go totally bananas and shiny at the idea. But once we're there with the dark, and the loud, and the lights...
What to do....what to do...

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Well, you can't know until you try.
She might surprise you and love the heck out of it. I wouldn't mind seeing it myself.