Friday, July 6

BAH! Shopping rant!

Piko de G and I trekked out to the commissary this morning to restock our 'fridge with something more than frozen hamburgers, sliced tomatoes, and soda.

We got rock star parking right up front, and all was looking well. I should have known it would only go downhill from there.

Today was shopping cart derby day in the aisles. Just about everywhere we went carts were parked strategically sideways, or in the smack dab middle of the aisle.

In the spice section there were about 6 people in a group blocking half the lane, and their carts were along the other half. Basically causing what M. Sarge would refer to as a "Cluster F**K", making me say WTF? And they were all apparently together, and arguing the merits of garlic salt vs. garlic flakes! Move out of the damn aisle!!

As we were moving towards the dairy area there was a lady parked horizontally across the lane. As if she were turning around and getting ready to head back in the other direction, and then decided that that would be a totally AWESOME place to stop and have a 5 minute "chat" with her friend who was all the way down by the orange juice. NOT. SO. MUCH!!!!

Finally, getting in line to pay. UGH, please move your damn cart 2 inches closer to the checkout so I can get past, thankyouverymuch! This lady was with her two older teen looking children and was leaning on the back of her cart while the kids were unloading it onto the belt. There were three other registers open down past her, and we were trying to get past. She leaned, her kids unpacked, looked at me, unpacked more, she leaned more. I said excuse me about 4 times, Piko de G even said excuse me. She leaned some more. FINALLY, she gets out of the way, by backing up into my cart. "Oops I was trying to get out of the way, and ended up getting in the way. Tee-hee!" I just gave her my 1,000 mile stare and said "Uh-huh". Then Piko de G being 5 said really loudly "SHE DID GET IN THE WAY!!!" as we finally passed them. Nice.

Another question, when the heck did it become a good idea to allow a 6 year old to "drive" a full shopping cart? If they're going to *DRIVE* it into the back of my ankles, I'm going to have to *DRIVE* my foot up their.....

This is what I get for going at 10:30 instead of 8:30.


she said: said...

Oh - you know that kind of crap drives my apebatshitty. What's even worse? Mr S does that. He's getting better.

HE says " its only going to take me a second to get my stuff".

But now you know why people do that.

Jacy said...

Up here we have a top-notch online grocery store -- you order everything online and they deliver for $8. There are weekly specials and they have everything you'd get, and more, at a grocery store. It's saved me a nervous breakdown, I am sure.

MdG said...

You know, I know the whole shopping cart rant thing has been done to death, but this was a rather unusual experience.
The commissary had been redone last year and the aisles are wider, but people still cant grasp the concept of two way traffic.

I would love to do online grocery shopping. $8.00 is a total steal!

dennis said...

I love to just bark, "Excuse Me"
loudly into those peoples' conversations. Or I will calmly move the offending cart out of my way and move on.

If they get really annoying, I let the kids handle it with elevated volumes... :)