Tuesday, July 3

There's more! In-Law Rant Part 2

Oh yes, there's more. This one got pretty TL;DR, so unless you like petty bitching, I would just skip it.
I am such a raging bee-yach, and it took all my powers not to fly off the handle this weekend.
Continuing the In-Law tirade...


Ok, I've decided to remove this post. Thinking about the weekend is still kind of upsetting, but overall, they are very nice people, and they ARE my family now.

August 2007


she said: said...

I found that way more entertaining than maybe I should have.

Especially since I could see myself saying all the exact same things. I completely would have freaked out with M. Sarges parents. Especially exposing inappropriate details.

I almost went crazy last time I was at Mr S. parents house. NO - I mean seriously crazy.

There is a story about his childhood his family finds absolutely riotously funny.

However... I have been dating Mr S for a really long time. So - I've heard the story about 5 billion times - and I no longer find it funny.

Last time we were at his folks house however, they had a big party of the old folks, and they all proceeded to tell me that story over and over..... and over.

For three hours I smiled politely.
The same people even told me the story multiple times. Because they are old and couldn't remember they'd told me the story earlier in the evening. Man.. I hate that story now. Like nails on a blackboard.

Jacy said...

Wow. They do sound totally high-maintenance.

I hope they don't know about your blog, however. Do they???

MdG said...

Well, Jacy, let's just cross our fingers on that. If they do, then well now they have more things to talk about behind my back.

Jacy said...

They don't sound like the types who are surfing the net and reading blogs. Although I recently found out that my estranged husband, his girlfriend and all her sisters are reading my blog and seething about it. How dare I share my pain, anonymously, with the world?

But I don't know, I wouldn't worry about it. Vent away!

MdG said...

There has to be a great level of personal satisfaction/vindication for you with that. Knowing that you can vent out all of your anger/frustration/sadness about the whole thing. And really, what can they do? If they show up in comments being bitchy and defensive, it just lends a heavier hand of truth to what you are saying.

The only people that know about this Blog are some close friends, and M. Sarge. Everyone else just sort of stumpled upon it. And I have not seen any hits on my meter from M. Sarge's home state. I better not even say it or I'll jinx mtyself.

Mrs. S.: I feel your pain. M. Sarge's mom and dad trot out the same "funny" stories everytime we visit.