Thursday, July 19

Jumping on the meme bandwagon after reading Mrs. S's post today.

5 Maybe, somewhat, kind of interesting things about me.

1. I have a birthmark on the white of my right eye. People think I have something in my eye all the time. And I have only met one other person who also has a birthmark on her eye.

2. I can pick up just about anything with my toes. It has to be between the size of a golf ball and a dime. And it looks like Piko is inheriting the "monkey toes" skilz.

3. I grew up in Hawaii, lived there till I was 26 and have never been surfing. Not once, ever.

4. I have in my lifetime used an oxy/acetylene torch, cetrifugal casting rig, TIG welder, and MIG welding setup. I have blown glass, poured bronze, and silver, and made my own wood carving tools from scratch. But I still need the Librarian to hook up my entertainment center.

5. I have never ever been stumbling, falling down, passed out drunk. And that's probably a good thing.

And the cat?

The mocking continues. Hey, I was reading that!


she said: said...

Okay... #4 honestly made me go - no fucking way. Because I've welded before too. I dated a welder and thought I wanted to do that as a career. I was pretty lame at starting a bead because the welding glass was too dark and I always lost my place.

I always wanted to blow glass.. but haven't.

You completely freak me out.

P.S. I think that cat is going to shiv you in your sleep.

MdG said...

Yeah, my Flashdance fantasies coming to life. Hee-hee! I used to lose my bead too. Did you prefer the helmet or the goggles? I was more of a goggle person, because then I could wear the welding cap. Styleish!

Tanya Espanya said...

I LOVE picking stuff up with my toes! And I hope Alexander inherits that skil.

Love that cat too.

she said: said...

Helmet.. but I went through this stupid phase where I'd wear the goggles with light glass as sunglasses.

MdG said...


TanyaE: The monkey toes thing really freaks Sarge out, I use my powers for evil and grab the hairs on his legs when he won't give me enough room on the couch.

she said: said...

Ummmm.. NO! I was much lamer than that.

I was going to make this whole comment explaining my hipster doofus-ey-ness..but then I thought it was just too much information.

Hey! That Bravo show is called Flipping Out. You must watch it! July 31st or something.

Rebecca said...

I have monkey-toe syndrome too. It makes picking up around the house so much easier. I like to think of it as a talent that only supremely gifted people have...HA!