Friday, February 9

300 redux

Several places on the internets there is a bit of hoopla regarding the upcoming release of the movie "300". Folks are calling it terrible for depicting a war, a violent, bloody, one sided war. I suppose creating propaganda and parallels to the war the US is currently engaged in. And causing much fandom wankage.

I suppose that these are all valid arguments. EXCEPT that this movie is based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller that was written back in 1999. And it is obviously not a historically accurate retelling of the actual battle of Thermopylae. As puts it, the Persians did not scatter, and the Spartans were strangely homophobic for such a gay society (there was a bit of man love in that culture right?). And I'm thinking that the Persians were probably not so much into the whole body piercing.

Anyhoo, who cares about all that?!?!? I love Frank Miller's books, and as I have said before, I especially love this.
Sarge says "Body makeup", I say "Who cares?!?!"

And I'm pretty confident I will have not problems with the rest of the leather clad Spartans. All 300 of them.

Whenever the trailer comes on the TV Sarge just rolls his eyes while I wipe the drool from my chin. I'm pretty sure I have a babysitter lined up because I'm thinking that Piko de Gallo will not be enjoying the 3 hour blood bath. David Wenham, or no David Wenham.

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dennis said...

hmmmm, 3 hours of scantily clad men and lots sweat and blood...

I wonder what will be on Bravo that night?