Monday, January 22

I got a nice Borders gift card from my in laws for Christmas, and finally decided to spend some of it the other week while Piko de Gallo was at school. How I love going to the book store by myself!!

I love book stores, I don't necessarily love Borders as I used to work there about 7 years ago. I believe that I am suffering from Post Traumatic Store Employee Syndrome.

I cannot browse without putting things away. It chills my cold little heart a bit more to see that customers are still the lazy 'tock-holes they were 7 years ago. As I browse the magazines, I see stuff out of place, I put them back, I browse remainders (sale books), putting stuff back. Seriously how hard is it to pick up a book, look at it, decide you don't want it, and then put it back right where you found it. I browse genre fiction, find random paperbacks on the floor, put them back.

I flashback to the afternoon that I spent organizing the mini book spinner in my old store. When I was done, all of those stupid little books were organized by subject, with the multiples all together. A totally fruitless endeavor I should have known. After I finished, I was stationed at the information desk, and watched as a lady flipped through the books. Picking up a book, putting it back in a random place, picking up another, and putting it back randomly. I wanted to grab the spinner from her and yell "NO BOOKS FOR YOU!". Who the hell needs a mini book on rubber duckies anyway??

The kicker however came when I was in the crafts section looking at knitting books. When does it ever seem appropriate to just lay books across the tops of other books on the shelves? I would think that it would be better to just leave them on the floor. So I'm in the craft section, looking at the books, and shelving all of the ones that are lying across the tops of the stacks. I must have looked like a Crazy Customer (TM.) , because booksellers kept walking past me, giving me the weird look. I had to stop myself when I came across a copy of Duty and Desire: A Novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman IN THE CRAFTS SECTION!!!!! Seriously, I know you can read, you're in a fracking bookstore, so you must know your alphabets.

On a tangent. Finding a book about Mr. Darcy in the knitting/crafting section makes me think that the people (women most likely) buying craft/knitting books fall into the stereotypical female Jane Austen reader category. And yes, I include myself in that category I'm afraid, because what was my final purchase that day? Cross Stitch a Day calendar, Crochet a Day calendar (hey, they were clearanced at $4 each!), and Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility.

Back on track. I know that the people putting crap away in random places of the store are exactly the same people who bitch and moan when the computer says the store has one copy of something, and it cannot be found in it's rightful place on the shelf. Ooooh, I used to hate those people!! It's been years, and I still hate those people.

Sarge says I have latent customer service issues.
I say that I should just stay home and order from


dennis said...

can we entice you to visit our abode?

I promise to place books all over the place, beds, laundry baskets, table, kitchen counters...

feel free to put any of them away, and if you see anything else out of place...


Mommy de Gallo said...

It only works when in the book-o-sphere of a book store. Because I myself have stacks of books around the house. Sarge is not allowed to move them, because the last time he mixed up my "need to read", "already read", "already read keeping", "already read, donating", "already read, giving to FIL", "already read passing to The Librarian" stacks. I was a little peeved. I call it orginization, he calls it a fire hazard.
Thanks for the link! I must read about your imps.