Sunday, February 25


Hello, my name is Mommy de Gallo, and I suffer from "Too Much Crafts".

Yet somehow I missed the mental memo that the internets are a great place to find craft ideas and yeah, HELLO!! CRAFTING BLOGS!!! I've been up till all hours looking at sites, following links, and creating bookmarks. (I found this awesome site called Etsy, where people sell all their crafts. An excellent place to buy one of a kind gifts.) I used to have the UTC (Urge To Craft) under control, and stuck mainly to cross stitching, and the occasional one off craft on the side. Then I hit a boom, I started knitting, and it was all down hill from there. I think at this point the only thing that I do not do is paper crafts (so not a scrapper, and The Librarian is the card maker), and needlepoint(I just don't get it, and it's way too expensive). I suppose in a way I'm making use of my 5 years at college earning that Fine Arts degree.

I have declared this "The Year of ME Crafting". I'm clearing my backlog of owed craftings, and unfinished projects, and then I'm only working on learning new techniques, and crafts, and working on my own projects.

The problem is that I have such a backlog of projects it's overwhelming. I really want to start on the new ideas and techniques I'm seeing when looking at all of those other blogs.

Here is proof that crafts have taken over the de Gallo household.

My dining table, chairs, and sideboard.
I love my sewing case. I bought a
train case style makeup case from
Wall-Mart, and use that.
We all had to eat in the living
room this weekend, because I had
taken over the table with craft
stuff, and e-bay mail outs.

"My" side of the couch.
Yes, overflowing would be a
good adjective to use.

Sarge gives me the "rolls eyes" whenever I try to get Piko de Gallo to clean up after herself. I think that he thinks I'm not setting a good example.

And of course much of this got sidetracked today because of SNOW!

Ebay and crafts be damned, when your kid says "Work can wait mommy, let's go outside!",
what can you do? Besides, you know I had shoveling to do.


dennis said...

MdG: tell you what, I can help you with the site visits. Shoot me an email at

Mommy de Gallo said...

Thanks, I'm all kids of stupid when it comes to that stuff.