Tuesday, February 13

Putting the Asian in Caucasian

So every time I call my mom and tell her what new activities Piko de Gallo is participating in she gets all excited. But in a very predictable way.

For example, Sarge bought Piko de G a golf set this fall, and they have been going to the driving range a couple times a month, whenever it is warm enough. So I tell Grandma this, and she says "Oh great! She can be the next Michell Wie!!".


This week I got to call her to tell her that we have started going to the ice rink for the cutely named "Totsicles" class. Basically just a bunch of toddlers slipping and sliding around the rink, trying not to fall on their 'tocks. Grandma finds this also very exciting, and exclaims "That's wonderful! She'll be the next Michelle Kwan!"

Huh, I never noticed this before I just typed that, but the two prominent female Asian athletic figures my mom watches are both named Michelle. Maybe we should have named her "Michelle de Gallo".

Ooooohkay mom. Way to focus on the ethnic aspect. And I should point out that we are not Chinese.

I'm wondering if when I call her next week to tell her that Piko has been registered to play soccer this spring she will know who Sun Wen is.

Piko de Gallo rollin' at the links and rinks.

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