Tuesday, February 27

Day of the Dog

We here at the de Gallo homestead have been watching alot of "The Dog Whisperer". We have a dog, and that dog needs whispering. Because honestly all of the yelling Sarge is doing is not exactly helping.

Dog de Gallo is actually a very good dog. She does not jump up to get to food on counter tops, she does not eat everything in the house. She is trusted to stay at home alone for long periods of time, and can be relied on to not destroy anything. She knows where to poop and where to pee, and she loves to fetch and have ear rubs. She is a great bed warmer in the mornings when Sarge has left for work. Dog and Piko get along pretty well, although I think that Dog de G is a bit jealous of Piko de G, since she was here first, and Piko basically usurped her.


She barks. ALOT. OFTEN. She sometimes eats her poo, and then comes in the house and throws up on my feet. Dog de Gallo is also very food aggressive, yikes! She even bit Sarge's hand once...ONCE. She is also an excited pee-er, which is not all that bad I guess. And oh yeah, she weighs about 85 lbs, and the hair, don't even get me started on the hair. What's up with dog hair? How does it get into everything, and it weaves it's way into fabrics somehow, like it's alive! Whenever I take food anywhere, I always warn that there might be dog hair in it, and I'm very sorry.

Anyway, back to the Dog Whisperer. Sarge was watching with Piko de Gallo the other morning, and Caesar was helping a dog that had severe separation anxiety. One of the things that he suggested would help was to get "friend" for that dog. He kept the dog at his dog center and picked out a new dog at a shelter to be the friend. They got along great, and it went a long way to helping that poor dog.

Lately Sarge has been talking about getting a "friend" for Dog de Gallo. I guess he thinks that because Piko de Gallo and I are so busy with school and other activities, Dog de Gallo is alone much more often than she is used to. He thinks that she is lonely. I guess, she might be. So I have agreed to get another dog.

Yes Librarian, I can hear you laughing from your new place in Seattle.


I told Sarge that we can only get a "friend" for Dog de Gallo IF, Caesar Milan himself comes to Maryland and picks the dog out for us.

And, I get to name it "Otter". Because then we will have Dog de Gallo, and the "Otter" dog.


dennis said...

I had forgotten about dogs eating poo then vomiting...

what with boy.imp doing the smell my finger and making me vomit...we will not be rushing out to add to our home entertainment yet! :O

dennis said...
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Mommy de Gallo said...

Yes, the ever popular coprophagia. She is not that bad about it anymore. Just in the winter, for some reason she seems to enjoy the "poop-sicles".

Sarge and Piko seem to be having a "Who can fart *ON* someone" contest lately, and frankly that makes me want to barf.

BTW, thanks for the help. I'll do it someday.

dennis said...

looking forward to hearing about the 'odd searches'!

I sometimes like trying to figure them out more than I want to post...

she said: said...

I don't know if it will help you as it isn't very "dog whisper-er" like. But I use a squirt bottle on my bunnies. Dig-dig-dig. Girl! Squirt.

They even know the sound of me picking up the bottle, and reverse. Its amazing what a little water will do.

Mommy de Gallo said...

SS: I wish that would do the trick. Unfortunately with Dog de G, any kind of shooting water=play.
She's actually quite great, except for the barking.
I hardly ever have to sweep my kitchen floors, she keeps them so clean.