Friday, February 16

In which being passive-aggressive bites me in the butt

So the other day I was ranting about my crappy neighbors and their lack of snow shoveling etiquette.

So yeah, in a bit of immature passive-aggressive retaliation, I only shoveled my bit.

Later in the day I'm out there when neighbor #2 is out as well. He apologized about the snow piling, and explained that he had helped 2 of his other neighbors clear their cars and was late for work, so he did not have a chance to take care of the walk. Oh Crap! Now I feel bad.

But it gets worse.

I find out that his wife is due to pop with their third kid any day now, and he was rushing off to work to make sure that his paternity leave paperwork was completed.


Now the snow on their walk is frozen into a slippery sheet of ice 3 inches thick, and she might have to rush out to the hospital any minute.

I should have just sucked it up and shoveled the whole damn thing.

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dennis said...

ouch! bad karma! bad karma!!