Wednesday, February 14

Dear Neighbors,

YOU ALL SUCK! That's right. YOU. ALL. SUCK!!!

Every time it snows, I take the time to shovel the walk that runs along the front of ALL OF OUR parking spaces, and sometimes your walkways when I'm feeling extra frisky. I don't have to do it, I do it to be nice, and so that our wonderful mailman does not fall and break his head. And also since it is guaranteed to be a snow day, I don't get to go to the gym, so this is my workout.


It pisses me off to come outside later than usual on a snow day (due to a child with a fever) to find that you neighbor on the end, only saw fit to shovel from your door to your car! You're lucky, and it's nice for you that your parking space is directly in front of your unit, unlike mine which is 3 spaces down. You suck! And you neighbor on the other side, yes I saw you this morning cleaning your car, and shoveling a path on the drivers side. And what the f-ing F?!?! You shoveled all that snow into a pile next to my passenger side door?! Well, F-you very much! You suck too!

Why must you all suck so?
Happy Valentines day,
Mommy de Gallo

PS. Sarge you kind of suck too, I think that you used all the salt last night as a pre-emptive strike against the ice. However what happened is that the first layer of snow hit the salt, melted, and then a fresh layer of snow fell. Meaning that I encountered a LAYER OF ICE 1/2" thick under the snow I was trying to clear. Didn't you grow up in Maine?!

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dennis said...

hey, I had me 1-2" of ice today without the use of any salt overnight!!

am signing up to be added to God's Snow removal service. Unfortunately the backlog is at least 30-45 day wait...