Sunday, February 18

Dear "Healthy" smoker,

It's really quite fantastic that you are here at the gym at 8am on a Sunday morning. I'm here too, and I think it's fabulous that there are about 15 open treadmills. No I don't mind that you are using the one right next to me, this is not the movie theatre, and there is no need for the "personal space seat", well treadmill in this case.

HOWEVER!!!! And you know there is going to be a "HOWEVER!!!!"

I would really appreciate it if you would refrain from smoking directly before you enter the gym. I know that it is your right to smoke, and I certainly appreciate the fact that you are not smoking inside the gym, and hey, it's great you're off setting your unhealthy habits with some healthy ones. I'm like that with my eating. But that smell, you know that cigarette smell, yeah, IT STINKS! YOU STINK!!! And not in that good working out sweaty way. And because I was halfway through my run, and breathing quite heavily, ALL I COULD SMELL WAS YOU IN ALL YOUR GLORY! On second thought, you should have maintained the "personal space treadmill".

And you six guys hogging the bench press, seriously you guys were there when I got there, and were still there when I left. What kind of work out are you really getting when you only do 3 sets per hour? Yes I see that mind boggling number of plates on the barbell, but really, you're waiting WAY too long between sets.

Many thanks,
MdeG, who dragged her ass out of bed at 7:30 to go to the fracking gym.


she said: said...

I used to go to a gym where they let high school kids in for a lowered fee, and they would just sit on the machines all day trying to get dates. I'm an adult and I pay full price. Get off the damn machines!

Finally I had to switch.

The "dudes" would come in a drip all over the orbiters, and not wipe it down. People have really bad gym habits, and smokers have killed off their senses so they can't tell that everyone can smell them. I feel for you.

Mommy de Gallo said...

Being a super sweater myself, I can feel for the drippy leaving "dudes". But I have the sense to wipe the damn things down when I'm finshed.
Once I got onto the only open treadmill, and the lady next to me warned me that the guy who was on it before me was super sweaty. Sure enough the console and hand supports were wet. Not just a bit damp here and there, but WET. So I got a gym wipe, and wiped it down. About 10 minutes into my run, the guy comes back, and actually says to me "Hey, I was on that treadmill, I was going to wipe it down." Yeah, seriously? I actually think that he was going to run more, because his jacket was still next to the treadmill. But sorry guy, it's been 10 minutes, and all of the other machines are taken.

I work out at a military base gym, so don't pay actual gym dues. I'm extra careful to take care of the equipment, and be nice to the staff.

I also get alot of below the surface "meathead" attitude because I use the free weight room "unsupervised" by a man, instead of staying in the weight "machine" room. Where I guess all girls belong.

OMG I'm a girl and I'm using the squat rack without a spotter!! I MUST STARE AT YOU NOW!!

Yeah, I have issues. Sarge says it's all in my head.

dennis said...

yech! one more reason not to join a gym!