Thursday, May 17

So, OW! Right?

That's the tip of my index finger on my right hand, and my thumb. It's really all my fault. I refuse to wear a thimble when I sew, and I just finished this.

A pretty green quilt for my pretty green girl. This is only my second fully finished quilt ever. I have made others before, but I was very lazy about them. This time I was very careful with my cuts, tried to mind my seam allowances, and almost all of my patches lined up. I guess it does not really matter that much with this pattern, but I am getting alot better. And I also freehand, hand quilted it, which led to the lovely fingertip. I played around with the width of the binding, and went with 5 inches, but I think that I prefer a thinner edge, it is easier to finish, and I think I like a tighter rolled sort of look. I know that pink and red binding does not really go, but that's the fabric she picked out for it. As she said:
"Green is my favorite color, but I like pink and red too."

It made the perfect stage curtain today for an impromptu concert.

And then later for a nap.


she said: said...

Now that is dedication. And a nice looking quilt!

I wouldn't wear one of those thimbles either... but I might use some liquid plastic. Or one of those things that accountants use so they can count money really fast.

MdG said...

I know that there are these little sticky pads that you can buy expressly for this purpose. My problem is that anytime anything has contact with my hands while I'm doing stuff, I get all sweaty, so it slips, and I can't hold my needle very well.