Sunday, May 20

de Gallo Dielemma

Darn kindergarten all to heck!! It's really messing up our travel plans! We really have to plan ahead now, and can't just take off whenever we want for however long we want to.

Just kidding!! I love that Piko is starting school. LOVE IT!!

Anyhoo, that is not the dilemma we(I)are having.

Booster seats.

We are traveling to Hawaii late in the summer to visit my family, and of course we don't pack up our booster seat for the trip. We have to make sure that there is room in the baggage allotment for GOLF CLUBS!! Anyway, I'm having my mom buy us a booster seat for our use while we're there, and then they can keep it at their house for whenever we come and visit. We used to have our old car seat there, but I'm sure that Piko 1) will not fit in it anymore, and 2) it will be more than 5 years old when we get there.

So, I'm wondering, all you parents out there in Bloggerland. Should I go with a full back booster? Like this

Or do the no back booster like this?

I looked around on the net, and did not really find any info that would lead me to believe that one is any safer than the other. Piko by the way is 38lbs, and 41" tall.

My gut instinct is to go with the full back model, it just seems safer to me. But the no back one is about 1/2 the price. Not that price is an issue when it comes to safety for my Pwessous Wittle Purl. Just that if both are equal in safety, then why not save a couple of bucks, and then Sarge and I can get popcorn while we watch TRANSFORMERS!! IN THE THEATRE!! Gads, I love family babysitters.


she said: said...

What are those? Drink holders?

Personally, I would use the full back booster. But I'm guessing they are more expensive. Hard choice though. Isn't baby De Galo within a few years of not needing one? I know they just changed the rules in Ca. 7 years old or 45 pounds or something.

At any rate... the place where the seatbelt attaches on the full back seems a little higher than the other one. Which looks like if you were in an accident the force would cause her to bend in half.

Plus it looks like the full back one has a place for a chest strap. In the upper left hand corner. Just me though.

MdG said...

Yes, those be cup holders. I remember the cupholders in my mom's station wagon when we were growing up. They were plastic, and hooked onto the car door between the window and the rubber bit that bumpers the glass.

Anyhoo, I do think that we are going to go with the full back.