Friday, May 4

Mother's Day Crap

Stroller Derby has a funny ongoing set of articles about the crap jewelry out there being offered for Mother's Day.

And I agree, that crap is FUU-uuuuugly!! Although I have to fess up that Sarge and I bought his mom and grandmother those birthstone pendants.

I remember the first Mother's Day after having Piko de G, Sarge and I were reading the Sunday paper, and I was looking at the advertising inserts. I warned him that he should never, ever, EVER! even think about buying me a "#1 MOM" anything. Barf. I would much rather prefer a bag of Lindt Dark Chocolate truffles. BLUE!! BLUE WRAPPER!!

Actually don't get me jewelry ever. I know, I'm crazy!

I'm not saying that Sarge has bad taste in jewelry, that is simply not the case. He has a very simple classic taste, and chooses items that have a longevity to them. And, it's not like I don't like jewelry, I like it very much. The thing is that I already have a ring for each hand, a very nice Hawaiian Bracelet(though it does not say Kuuipo), and some great pendants and chains. I'm afraid if I wear too much jewelry I'll end up looking like the teller at my bank. She has a ring(sometimes several) on each finger of both hands, about 30 bracelets on each arm, and enough bling around her neck to make Mr. T jealous. Not so much the look I'm going for. Jewelry is also such an expensive gift, that's a lot of money to spend on something I might not like, or use too often.

If you want to spend some buck on me, and make me happy buy me this, and give me a whole, uninterrupted day to go crazy on it! YEAH!

I'm so easy.


Jacy said...

Next year, ask him to buy you a bag of various narcissus bulbs!!!

Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Please ... WHAT?
A teller at the bank with several necklaces AND several rings AND several bracelets??
Show me the bank that lets her do this.

In my country (I'm European) it is generally NOT allowed to work with customers that way. There is a sort of (unwritten) dress code; and if there isn't, the bank boss will tell you to remove the stuff with the words, "That's not suitable at our place. Please take this off."