Tuesday, May 22

Go Pies!

Now I know that this is an old game I'm talking about. We get them quite delayed here in the US.

My Pies came out ahead tonight after a nail biter of a first half against the Carlton Blues, 17.17 (119) to 14.11 (95)

The big news of the night though is that my favorite (hot) player Shane Wakelin kicked his first goal for the Pies in 121 games! Woooo!!! He's mainly a defensive player, usually on team goal, so he does not see that much of that end of the pitch.
Go Shane!

Edited to add this picture to prove to SheSaid that he is not a bear!

And another observation I made.
This is Travis Cloke

He's got a bit of "Greg Sanders" going on. Don't you think?

Maybe just me, but that's all I can think of whenever I watch him play. Ok, that's not *all* I think about.


she said: said...

Yeah - I can totally see that.

Is that guy Shane a bear or what? I can't get into guys with hairy shoulders.

What happened to you most regular commenter Dennis? He was interesting.

MdG said...

Oh no, not a bear at all! That pictures has some weird shadows. I was thinking...hairy?what? Now I have to add another picture!!

I'm not sure what's up with Dennis, he has not been around his own blog much either. Must be busy.

sweatpantsmom said...

Hmmmm...I'm not a sports fan but you may have just convinced me to take it up.

MdG said...

SM, I'm telling you, my attention was first captured by the huge ratio of hot players. But then I actually liked watching the game.
Check out my post from April with the videos.
And just to keep you interested, shorts have been known to be pulled down, and gurnseys (uniform shirts) have been ripped off, **RIPPED OFF** I SAY during fights.