Thursday, May 17

Gone Fishin'

Well, not exactly, but it's SUMMER!
So we've been outside alot lately.

Be back soon with my Mother's day story.


she said: said...

Wow.. that is base housing?

MdG said...

It is base housing. But remember, we are in the Air Force. Living tends to be better for us than the other services. And we are lucky, we have a back yard that abuts the woods, and not another back yard like most of the homes in this area.
That's not our fenced in yard behind Piko though. That lady runs a day care.

she said: said...

You don't have to justify. I support our military. And not in that trendy "I support our troops" sort of way.

My bother in law just got out of the military.

I'm glad they take care of you. Makes me feel better about my tax dollars.

I was just marveling at your yard. Because here in Ca. - Land is at a premium. Most people have postage stamp size yards.