Thursday, February 7

And so I find that it is Wednesday.
Looking at my calendar I realize that not only is next week Valentine's day, but I have a mini mural to do for some officer's club. Oh yeah, by tuesday. Oops.
I kind of ranted a bit last time about having to do a last minute mural, but who the heck am I kidding, that's the way I work even when I have a 3 week lead time.

I guess this means that I'm off to the store to pick up my painting supplies. So I'm off, and it's a bit early so Michael's is not open yet, so I hit the Target next door. I need some lightbulbs anyway.

8:30 am in the middle of the week, I figure I'll pretty much have the place to myself. Not so much.

The hell?!?! Target is chock-a-block full of mothers and their young spawn precious angels. Which, hey, I get. They probably have been up since 5 am (which is when Piko used to get up), and need something to do, Target is clean, open, and probably empty. Kids are fine, don't get me wrong, I like kids, have one of my own. What I hate is this:

Mommy: Don't touch!
Mommy's Little Angel (MLA): I'm nawt towching.
Mommy: Don't!
MLA: I'm nawt!!!
Mommy: Don't touch that or I'll put you in the cart!
MLA: OOOOHHH!!! Look Mawmeeeeeee!!!!!!! Can I have some candy?
Mommy: I said don't touch that!
MLA: I'm nawt. Candy Mawmeee!!
Mommy: No!
MLA: Caaaaannnndddeeee!!!!Maaaawwwwmmmmeeeeee!!!
Mommy: Didn't I tell you not to touch?! I'm going to put you in the cart!
MLA: No cart Mawmee!!

I swear to whatever deity is the most powerful!!! Put your damn kid in the damn cart already!! I'm not buying anything from that aisle because I can hear very well that they touch everything in it!!! Can a person not browse the totally cute baking and packaging aisles in peace?!?!

I'm so evil, but when I'm with Piko and we hear that kind of behavior, and if she is behaving herself despite outside influence. I loudly offer to buy her some candy.


she said: said...

I'm not sure why - but tons of other stores seem pretty empty these days. Target and the super markets have been jam packed. You drive by an area of stores where normally it would be a zoo, and nothing. Pretty empty. Drive by a Target and I go "holy chit".I don't know what it is..but I wouldn't want to be there.

I actually like kids too even though I complain about them a lot.. but I commend you on not having a whiney child. I love people like you. Nice, well mannered children. If only all people could be so considerate.

The easily annoyed thank you.

MdG said...

I freaking love Target!!
Their seasonal area is feeding my celo-bag obsession. I have even planned my next friday around going to Target so I can shop the Valentine's clearance aisle. Granted everything will have been groped by grubby hands, but I just won't think about that.

Dewd, Piko is anoying on so many other levels, but she saves that crap for home with me. She knows better than to act out in public. She knows there ain't nothing so important that Mommy won't up and leave if she gets pissy. And it ain't 10 tries and we're gone. 2 chances, then we're outta there.

Pageant Mom said...

LOL. I do Love Target but... I HATE Cracker Barrel. Love to eat there, but they place all kinds of crap strategically where every 2-7 year old will scream bloody murder for it, and then proceed to smear their snotty little hands all over it. I can't tell you how many times I've been through it there with Giz. I won't buy it, and I sure as heck won't let her touch it! (She's pretty much learned by now...) I don't even want to think about where half the stuffed animals have been either.

I'm pretty liberal I guess... my kids get at least THREE chances LOL