Friday, February 29

The Little Things

This is Sarge's idea of "doing the laundry."

"Woman!" he says, "I do the laundry ALL THE TIME."
Whatever Sarge. More like you START the laundry all the time. Then the unfolded basket of clean laundry sits in the living room for a week staring at me while I'm on the computer. And the other half of the stuff stays in the dryer, half dried I might add. So now I have to re-wash that load. Thanks a lot!
Please stop "doing the laundry". Much obliged.

Science Fair awards. Still not reimbursed! Saw the school principal last night (she's no "Pal" of mine I tell you). "Great job on those ribbons Miss. DeGallo!" she tells me. Yes, she calls me Miss. Reallastname, yet expects to be referred to as Dr. Principal. And no word or mention on reimbursement for the cash I fronted.
They did look nice though. Damn, I hate this school.


she said: said...

Damn - I couldn't get to your blog all day.

Just a couple of more months MDG. Then you will be saying

Verdammen Sie, hassen Sie ich diese Schule.

Pageant Mom said...

I'd be mad.

She should be thanking you nothing short of profusely and offering to pay you back triple.

Ungrateful she is.

I wish I had your mad skills :o)

MdG said...

Mrs. S: Really the fact that you get over here at all is awesome. Considering all the foolishness you're dealing with on your coast.
Ja!! Diese Schule, das ist ein Drama!

P. Mom: Dr. Principal is a real piece of work. I know the school has the money. She just does not want to part with it. Again, I don't understand how you can work a science fair into the ciriculum, but set aside absolutely no money for the awards!!! I seriously don't get it.