Friday, February 8

My plastic valentine...

I mentioned yesterday that I just realized that next week holds Valentine's day.
So, I was at the commissary this afternoon picking up afew things, and I though I would get some caaaannnndeeeee for Piko deGallo.


When the hell did Cinderella turn into Dr. 90210 plastic Botox Cinderella?!?


Cinderella circa 1950

Cinderella 2008!!

She looks like she had cheek implants, collagen, Botox, an eye job, and some major veniers put on those teeth! Man, I know she's like 58 or something, but good plastic surgery "freshens you up", not makes you look like a totally different person!

Is she a candidate for Awful Plastic Surgery?!!


dennis said...

and the circa 1950s version looks sooo much more attainable (re: Easy)...

JustaGirl said...

Once Cinderella married her Prince charming, she became a high maintenance beeyotch! (I mean, having a lot of money does that to a lot of people ie) celebrities!)

she said: said...

I think they just have her on a soft focus lens to hide her skin imperfections. They do it with all the old actresses. Especially when you see them on high def.

Love the black nail polish though.;-)

Gifted Typist said...

And if Cindy's on botox, what the heck is Barbie on?
Look kids! It's Lipo-girl.

Pageant Mom said...

Hey, when you have half the country chasing after your man, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.... Or maybe she was trying to disguise herself so the evil stepmom (who should be getting out of the slammer by now) won't find her and try to lock her up again!!!!

...Maybe I should go to bed now, it's very late....