Thursday, February 14

This Week's WIP

File last week under "She'll never learn".

There was the Cruise backdrop. First, I bought the wrong kind of paper, it is a bit too thin, and the paint made it wrinkle something awful. It got better as the paint dried though.
Here is a stage one shot. See the wrinkles and the pulling?

And the finished product. I am getting better at remembering that I have to work back to front, and top to bottom to save myself painting over and over the same areas.This was not my favorte project ever, but I have to say that when I would be working in the kitchen I would catch a glimpse out of the corner of my eye, and it was like I was looking out a large window. That was kind of cool.

Valentine's Day projects galore!

Fabric flower corsages for the teachers and staff at Piko deGallo's school. Fabric flower pattern can be found at Wise Craft.

I was a bit worried that the feathers and ribbon might be a bit much for the teachers. But I was reminded by another mom that the teachers are mostly older women women of a more "mature" taste level. Right.

I was also up until 1:30 Saturday night compiling the master list for the PTA's Valentines Day lollipop fundraiser. I would have been done earlier, but Piko and I watched POTC Dead Man's Chest. I was sitting for so long that my butt got sweaty. EW! The PTA sold over 600 lollipops at the school. Something that I noticed while making up the list is that it looks like the people who bought the most pops for their friends received very few pops in return. social politics, I sure don't miss that.

Here is how the flowers are going to be given to the teachers on their sacks of lollipops for their classes.

Piko got some as a hair clips too. She's so spoiled.

These felt flower hair clips are gifts for Piko's female classmates and friends. This pattern is from Betz White.

The action shot.

This is a very crappy picture of it, but I made this "pet carrier" for Piko's favorite stuffed animal. It's a bit of fabric fastened with velcro around the belly of the cat, with a short and long handle to carry her around with. Piko likes to bring this cat along whenever we go out, but worries that she'll lose it somewhere, so this way she can brng it along and keep her hands free without worrying about it getting forgotten.

Another thing for Piko deGallo. When we move she'd getting our guest bed, which is a Queen, so I'm making her a big, big quilt for the bed.

I just love fabric charm squares. These charm squares are Moda "Full Moon Forrest".

And then the funniest thing happened Sunday morning, Piko came out of her room strutting around in this ensemble. The first thing that I thought was "OH NO!! It's LiLo!!" Love the leggings and the scarf there Piko.


Tanya Espanya said...

holyfantastic! You clever excellent lady!!! I love what you're creating.

And that cat is pretty delish too.

Almost Free said...

The cruise backdrop looks like it came out beautifully, and wow, are you visually talented!

And Piko certainly inherited it - the LiLo outfit is classic - and adorable on a budding fashionista like her!

dennis said...

Very Very nice!