Monday, March 19

They're Multiplying!!

If you remember I was recently stupidly surprised at the number and quality of craft blogs out there. I cannot believe that it took me this long to realize this great resource that was untapped in my computer.

Well, Easter is coming up and we're experimenting with ideas for gifts for Piko de Gallo's preschool classmates. Aaaannd, we got sidetracked.

Thanks to Betz White's Cashmere Bunny Tutorial

It may look like we're well on our way, but I am NOT making 22 of these bunnies for Piko de G's class.

I would also like to know where Betz lives, that she can find cashmere sweaters at Goodwill! We only found one at our local Value Village, and the rest of the bunnies are made up of felted sweaters, and old clothes. That pink one on the end has a rattle in it's belly, and I shoved pieces of a pretzel bag into the ears. It's going to one of my neighbor's baby. If I recall babies love the rattlin' and cracklin', and it's also not getting button eyes, and a pompom tail. I'll have to think of some other baby safe alternatives.

And just for She Said. Yes, we do have bunny fever!

You can't just have one bunny!


she said: said...

I am -so- envious of your craftiness!

Sometimes I fantasize about making curtains for my bedroom, but I'm not sure I could sew in a straight line. Or not sew over a finger or two.

Plus I think I would wind up dropping pins and finding them in my feet. Ouch!

Love the little tails on the bunnies. Piko is so lucky to have a mom who is into this stuff.

Mommy de Gallo said...

Truthfully, I'm all about the execution. I have a very hard time coming up with original ideas. That was my main problem all through college. Which is why I'm a houswife, and not a faaaboulous artist living in a loft in Soho. But that's ok, because I have a captive audience who greatly appreciates my work. So it all works out in the end.
And my feet have found many a pin themselves. I keep meaning to invest in a magnetic pin catcher.

she said: said...

Thats funny, because I have the opposite problem!

Thats why I like your posts - you are a problem solver.

Hey - you can get a huge magnet catcher at Home Depo for like 5 bucks. They are huge and made to pick up nails.

dennis said...

nice bunny pic!!