Saturday, March 3

Easy Girl's Day Kanzashi

Kanzashi is a folded cloth hair ornament worn by ladies and girls in Japan. They are usually quite complex and elaborate, not to mention expensive. Piko de Gallo and I came up with a pretty easy and cheap method of making them ourselves.

Here are the supplies you are going to need.
Flat Glue Dots
Pop-up (raised) Glue Dots
Hair Clips
Floral Pearl sprays, I got these at the local Michael's, they can be found in the wedding, or floral section.
Artificial cherry blossoms, these were from the dollar store. They look pretty realistic.

Place one of the flat glue dots onto the non-opening side of the clip. Be careful that the glue dot is completely on the hair clip, or it could stick to your hair.

Place the pearl spray onto that glue dot, and press firmly into place.

Put one of the raised glue dots onto the back of a cherry blossom.

Press that cherry blossom onto the hair clip over the other glue dot and pearl spray. Again, be careful that the glue is completely on the clip, and not overflowing anywhere.

Tah-dah! Easy, cute, cheap, Kanzashi!

And as you can see, easy to do with the kids. Piko de G is 4 1/2, and did this craft with minimal parental interference. We also took this idea to her pre-school and did it with the girls there as well.

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