Friday, March 23

The Week in de Gallo News

Piko's "Party Favors".
I am her supplier. And Piko de Gallo is addicted!!

I can't remember when we discovered this wonderful item. But throw a handful in the bath, and Piko de G is fully occupied, Sarge and I can have an uninterrupted adult conversation, lasting upwards of a half hour.
At $1.00 for 12 pills I think that it's totally worth it.

I imagine that the end result is somewhat educational, because she sorts them by color, counts them, and is learning the difference between a squid and an octopus.

We have also unfortunately acquired a new pet.
Meet "Nekko de Gallo"

Quite possibly the nicest cat I have ever met. She literally followed us home. We were somewhat worried that Nekko and Dog would not get along. Dog de Gallo has a very high chase drive. Color us surprised to discover that the dog is afraid of the cat! Naturally this is endlessly entertaining to Sarge and I, so we torture her whenever we can.

The weather has also made a turn for the better, which means that the sticks have come out, and Mommy gets some quite time.

And in crafting news:
Freezer paper stencils, are the AWESOME!!

Applying the paint.

Painted stencils.

Finished stencils.

And happily, albeit strangely, nothing has pissed me off this week. Possibly I'm mellowing with age, or I'm entering a period of personal Zen. I'm reserving judgement, because I sitll have to go grocery shopping this weekend.


she said: said...

"And happily, albeit strangely, nothing has pissed me off this week."

Give it time. I went through a period like that around Christmas.

They are just lulling you into a false sense of security so you can let down your guard - then they will kick you in the nuts.

Wow -talk about being a cynic.

Hey - what are those "Party favors"? It seems funny to me that a company would make rainbow colored looking roofies for kids.

Mommy de Gallo said...

I'm horrible right? Calling them party favors. I was so distracted writing that last post, I forgot to actually note what they were.
They are "Magic Grow Capsules"
The gelatin around the sponge animal in side melts in warm water, and ta-da! Animals!
$1.00 for a pack of 12 at Michael's Crafts.

she said: said...

Na... I just found it funny. I didn't get that picture 1&2 were before and after.

Oh yeah - You got a new pet! Congrats!

sweatpantsmom said...

We have tons of those capsules laying around the house. I just know I'm going to mistake one for a vitamin one day and swallow it.