Friday, March 9

How Rude!

So I was mailing some stuff at the Post Office the other day. And as usual at 10am on a weekday, there is only one postal clerk at the desk. Normally this is not to big of a deal, but lately it seems to be pretty busy at that time, there are at least 3 people waiting in line when I get there.

The postal clerk that works the desk is old as dirt, and pretty slow. But she makes up for it by being very helpful, and extremely nice. At least to me.

Anyway, I'm standing there patiently waiting my turn, and the two people in line behind me start talking. They are: Old Dude=OD, and Old Lady=OL, I think that they know each other, but they did not come in together.

OD & OL exchange hellos etc.

OD:Oh God!!She is the slowest worker they have!
OL:Says something about how she usually goes to another post office.
OD:She is so slow!! I used to go to (Some other) Post Office,
and she worked there, and they all agreed that she is the slowest worker ever! They should have another person at the desk. She is SO SLOW!!

Old Dude is not speaking in a quiet conversational voice. He is practically yelling. I'm sure the clerk can hear him.

OD: That's the thing with government work, it's hard to get rid of people.
She's SO SLOW!!

Holy crap! As if waiting in line at the post office is not torture enough!

I swear I was standing in line for about 10 minutes, and he was complaining LOUDLY the whole time. And I do believe that the clerk went slower with every complaint.

So I finally get to the desk, exchange prolonged pleasantries with the clerk, oh poo, my mailing tubes just will not stay on the scale!! I absolutely must check to see if the letter I am mailing has enough postage. And naturally I need stamps. Oh, hmmmmm....the quilts...ooooor the I did decide on the quilts, and as I was putting them in my wallet I said very quietly to myself "hmmm, these are quite nice."

"Yes they are aren't they?" The postal clerk responds.

Oh damn dude. I wish I could have thought of a reason to hang around till he got to the counter.

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dennis said...

Toooooo funny!

WTG gurl!