Friday, March 16

Piko de Gallo have and I have an ongoing sort of argument. She's only 4 1/2 but we talk about growing up, college and moving out all the time. In a non-serious joking manner of course!!

She states that she is not going to move out on her own, ever. I think that's just fine, but I tell her that she has to get a job, and pay rent. Unfortunately she thinks that she can just stay home with me, like we do right now, forever. We go back and forth over this all the time.

Well, finally I have the upper hand.

Two nights ago as I was waiting for her to finish her dinner, I ate a couple of mini Three Musketeer candies. Of course she was intrigued.

PdG: Is that your dessert?
Me: Nope, I'm still going to have a Popsicle with you.
PdG: So is that part of your dinner?
Me: Yep!
PdG: I wish I could have candy for dinner.
Me: WELL! If you live on your own when you're grown up, you can eat
whatever you want for dinner. But if you live with me, you have to
eat what I make.
PdG: *wheels turning*

Yesterday, we were both feeling sick, so we decided to take a nap after lunch. As we were getting settled in my bed, Piko de G is using Sarge's new pillow.

PdG: I like this bed. It's so big. Daddy's new pillow is good. I wish I had one.
Me: *wheels turning* Well, if you live on your own when you grow up,
you can have a big bed too. But if you live with me, you have
to stay in your bunk bed.
PdG: A big bed all to myself?
ME: Yep, and I'd even buy you a pillow like Daddy's for a housewarming present.
PdG: I would get presents?
Me: Uh-huh, and then you could eat candy for dinner and stay up all night
watching Animal Planet.
PdG: That sounds good.
Me: You have no idea.

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dennis said...

Piko is a PIP!!

good job mama!