Wednesday, March 28

Do it for the kids!

Agh! I'm pathetic.

Spending time with other adults, not my husband, and not close friends, is EXHAUSTING!!!

Piko de Gallo was invited to a friend's house yesterday after school. They are not yet at that age where an invitation means drop the kid and have the afternoon off. The visit requires parental attendance as well. BLAH!

The other mothers that were there are all very nice ladies, and fun to talk to, but I was there for almost 4 hours!! That's alot of time to spend trying not to be rude and crude and inappropriate like I am at home with Sarge. Maybe as I get to know some of these ladies a bit better I'll feel better about it.

So I was tired when we got home.

Unfortunately it was Sarge's day off, and the warm weather jump started him. The entire contents of the shed was strewn across our back patio. But he left the best job for me. I forgot to take a picture of it, but there was a dead mouse in the pot of our turkey fryer. Ew. EW! EEEWWWW!!!!!!!!! So I had to dispose of that while he filled Piko's sandbox. Fun times.

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