Saturday, April 28

Yep, she's mine!

Yesterday Piko de Gallo and I were tooling around in the back yard, and suddenly she yells:

"There's a spider in my green bucket! DO NOT WANT!!!! DO NOT WANT!!!!!"

I about peed in my pants laughing. Then like a good mom I sprayed it out with my hose.


dennis said...


We were shopping at Ikea this weekend and were in the kids toys section and the imps were not about to move...

...until I mentioned the fly buzzing around nearby.

We could not move fast enough from that section of the store...:O

MdG said...

Aaah, Ikea. Piko's favorite store. I use the ice cream incentive to move her along.

"Come on, gotta keep moving, ice cream at the end!!"

And then we get there, and it's usually broken.