Thursday, April 26

Sweat it and forget it.

Gah! Spring break kicked my butt, and not in a good way.
Having Piko de Gallo home all day and planning entertainment for her was more exhausting than I remember. I'm going soft with this part day pre-school stuff. We went to gymnastics, swimming, grocery shopping(which is an event now that she does not fit in the cart), and ice skating. Finally on Saturday when the first words out of her mouth were "What are we doing today?!", I had to reply "Today is entertain yourself day!! WOOO!!!"

I'm out of shape. And this should not come as news to anyone who knows me. I have only recently jumped on the gym bandwagon. Heartily encouraged by the photographs of me at my brother's wedding last year. This month marks one full year of consistent exercise. The Librarian laughed when she first read my profile and the first thing listed under interests is "Exercise", har-har!

My motto has been, and will probably always be "No sports that involve running, or a ball." Working out at the gym is not a sport is it?

I was very bad during spring break, I did not get to the gym for the whole week. Once Sarge got out of bed I was too exhausted to go. This was the first week that I was able to get serious about going again, and Sarge has made me a new workout. It's insane! We've moved from a muscle building high weight workout to a cardio focused low weight high rep circuit schedule.

Here it is.

Day 1
Bench Crunch
Two Point Bridge
Back Extension
Barbell Squat
Flat Barbell Bench Press
Overhead Dumbell Squat
Incline Alternating Dumbell Press
Leg Press
Fly Machine
Rope Tricep Press

Day 2
Swiss Ball Crunch
Hanging Leg Raise
Stiff Leg Deadlift
Leg Curl
Seated Row
Barbell Good Morning
Dumbell Curls

Day 3
Twisting Back Extension
Side Jackknife
Hanging Leg Raise
Calve raise on Leg Press
Alternating Dumbell Press
Overhead Dumbell Squat
Front Raise
Suitcase Deadlift
Side Raise

I begin each weight day with a 13 minute warm up run, at least 1 mile. Each day I try to do a circuit with low weights and at least 20 reps, and a second circuit with 15 reps. If I'm feeling frisky I might throw in a third circuit, but that is a very rare occasion. And on alternating days I do a 2 mile run (24 minutes, I'm slow), and hip abductors.


The scale has yet to budge below 154.06 lbs. It might have something to do with those chocolate bunny cookies I made the other day. What the hell else do you do with a 5lb solid milk chocolate easter bunny that some fool felt approriate to give to a 4 year old.


she said: said...

"What the hell else do you do with a 5lb solid milk chocolate easter bunny that some fool felt approriate to give to a 4 year old."

I bet it was grandparents.

Grandparents think that that sort of stuff is super entertaining.

Good job on the training. I always want to get back to the gym....if it had rained this winter, that would have been a fabulous time for that. Otherwise - I'm just exhausted.

Mommy de Gallo said...

The damn bunny was actually from Piko's best friend's mom. I think that they had 2 or 3 of them, that they got from, yep, Grandpa. I did tell her when we accepted it that we were not going to eat it, but make cookies. And was able to give half of them to the bunny doner.

The irritating thing about exercising, is that I have noticed when I do not exercise, I have a harder time falling asleep, and am more tired when I wake up.